What to Expect // Palmetto Health & Wellness Campus at Nexton

As you probably know, there is much building and improving going on in Summerville, SC. There’s really no escaping it. Summerville has grown by leaps and bounds very quickly, and the town has had to expand quite a bit to accommodate this growth. Enter MeadWestvaco's 4,500-acre Nexton development, which we’ve reported on in previous blog entries. In addition to new housing, a new elementary school, shops, restaurants, and parks, a brand new, innovative medical campus is being developed by Palmetto Primary Care Physicians and MWV.

The 50-acre medical campus located in the Nexton community is expected to mimic the design of a Mayo Clinic, says Jeff Lehrich, former CEO of Palmetto Primary Care Physicians. “When I started looking at things, I realized how fragmented and disjointed the health care was here,” said Lehrich.
Here’s what to expect from the Palmetto Health & Wellness campus:
Medical office tower
12-story clinical and administrative office tower with space for medical retail
Hotel with medical amenities for patients and their families
Around 200 assisted-living units and an independent-living facility
Ambulatory surgery center
Clinical decision unit
Skilled nursing, rehabilitation, and memory care center
24-hour urgent care and emergency department center
Centers for health and wellness, cancer, and hospice
“[Expect] concierge-level service service with common registration of the patients and open waiting areas with a cafe, wireless Internet and music,” said Lehrich. “It’s going to be a very welcoming and healing environment.”
The campus is projected to be completed by the end of 2015.
*source:  NewsMakers 2014 edition of the Charleston Regional Business Journal

11 Ways to Give Your Home a Fresh Start for 2015

Happy New Year! It’s time to shake off that post-holiday slump and start anew. Tomorrow is the first day of a brand new year, and right now is the best time to make a fresh start at home. Don’t wait until spring cleaning to make everything bright and new. Do it now and reap the rewards sooner. Here are just a few easy ways to make your home bright and new for 2015.
1. Toss or repair broken ornaments and tchochkes while you put away Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa decorations.
2. Frame and hang the artwork that you haven’t gotten around to hanging.
3. Change the paint color in that room you’ve been wanting to redecorate.
4. Change drawer pulls for a quick kitchen redo.
5. Polish the silver.
6. Wash the curtains. This is a chore many of us tend to forget about!
7. Rearrange your bookcase. Glance through and see what books you can donate and what you want to keep. Organize it alphabetically, by genre, or—in a fun if slightly impractical fashion—by color.
8. Switch out or recover throw pillows.
9. Toss that pile of papers that’s cluttering your kitchen counter/coffee table/office. (While you’re at it, start gathering your tax documents! It’s never too early to prepare for tax season.)
10. Rearrange the linen closet. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, tackle the other closets in the house, too.
11. Give wooden furniture a polish.
These might seem like tiny changes, but when you add them all up, they can make a nice visual change that you can enjoy all year long.
What other small chores do you think people tend to forget about that can give your home a quick restart for the new year? Tell us in the comments section!

Charleston Real Estate by the Numbers // November 2014

The outlook is great for Charleston area real estate as indicated by this year's market statistics. "The region remains on track to close 2014 with sales that reflect what the trend has been all year—a growing, sustainable market," says newly installed 2015 CTAR President Matthew DeAntonio. Check our infographic below to see just how well the market performed in November 2014. Numbers are up once again this month! Last year, 918 homes sold at a median price of $203,405. This November, 962 homes sold at a median price of $222,283. Though the numbers dipped slightly for the holidays, which is always expected, these stats show solid growth in Charleston over the last year. 

November 2014 Market Report

Should You Buy a Home During the Holidays?

Last week, we posted a blog on selling a home during the holidays. Today, we want to focus on buyers who are starting or continuing their home searches through the season. While the Charleston real estate market certainly slows down during Christmas time, it does not stall completely. In fact, there are savvy buyers out there who realize that they might actually have an advantage when it comes to negotiating this time of year. That’s especially important right now since inventory has been down this year, making it a seller’s market.

It’s possible that a lot of sellers might not allow showings during the holidays, so if you’re looking for a great deal on a home, your options could be limited. This could work in your favor, though. Sellers who do allow showings this time of year are probably more motivated than those who do not. If a seller is under pressure, chances are they’re willing to negotiate. It’s a great time to take advantage of sellers’ urgency. As an added bonus, people seem to be more generous this time of year. You could come out on top with a deal you might not have a chance at once the new year rolls around.

The moral of the story? Don't discount Christmas as a bad time to buy. An amazing opportunity could be waiting for you.

Have you had experience with buying or selling a home during the holidays? What are some of the advantages and disadvantages you've run into? Tell us in the comments section below!

Increase Home Equity

One of the primary advantages of owning a home is the chance to build equity. Equity is the portion of house that the owner has already paid off, or the difference between the home's value and the owner's total debt to the mortgage lender. On the road to 100 percent equity, in which the homeowner owns the property outright, building equity can be a big advantage in managing personal finances and profiting from a home sale.

comic equity11



Homeowners have plenty of reasons to increase home equity. More home equity means the chance to borrow more money with a second mortgage in the form of a home equity loan or a home equity line of credit. These loans provide money for funding home improvements, paying medical bills, funding a child's education or buying consumer goods like a new car, boat or RV. Home equity also allows the owner to profit more from selling the home and put that money toward a new house or retirement savings.


Down Payment

The initial down payment that a mortgage borrower makes upon buying a house is the first step toward building equity. A standard 20 percent down payment gives the borrower exactly 20 percent home equity, which is measured as 20 percent of the home's fair market value. A larger down payment means more equity, and can also reduce monthly mortgage payments.


Mortgage Payments

Each mortgage payment that a homeowner makes includes a portion of the principal of the loan and interest that accrues each month. The principal portion goes toward building home equity, and with each passing month the homeowner has slightly more equity. Making double payments can speed up the process and lead to more equity faster. Homeowners who have an interest-only mortgage lose the chance to build equity, since they temporarily only pay interest in order to keep payments at an affordable level.


Home Improvements

Anything that increases the value of a house also increases the owner's equity. This is why home improvements can be such a practical and profitable investment. Homeowners who invest in routine maintenance, along with other projects like renovations and additions, are helping to boost their equity while also making the home a more enjoyable place to live. Landscaping, new fixtures and adding energy-efficient appliances all boost home values and raise the owner's equity.


The Real Estate Market

Finally, the real estate market itself can be responsible for large changes in home equity. The supply of homes on the market and the demand from home buyers can drive home values up or push them downward. When mortgage interest rates are low, more buyers may be in the market, which can cause home values to rise and current owners to gain equity. Improvements in a neighborhood or region that make it a more attractive place to live can have the same effect on a local level.




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