One of the biggest trends in home design these days is the transformation of nooks and crannies into truly unique spaces. If you have a tiny closet or other awkward space that's just become a catch-all for junk and dust, you might want to think about taking some inspiration from others who have jumped on this bandwagon. If you're not sure what we're talking about, check out our eight most favorite examples of closet transformations below!

1. Not everyone has enough room in the house for a separate office. This closet-turned-office is such a unique way to create a dedicated space for work.


2. Paint the inside of a closet and turn it into a study or craft space. Bonus: Facing away from the room helps you avoid distractions while you work.


3. No room for a separate nursery? Put a beautiful crib and chair in the closet. It's like having a tiny en suite nursery!


4. A small closet in a child's bedroom  is the perfect place for a hideaway playroom and reading nook.


5. Create an inviting entry way by opening up the coat closet and making it into a beautiful "landing station" for jackets, shoes, bags, etc.



6. Here's a two-for-one idea for your tiny closet. Push the dresser inside to create more space in a small room. This also makes the perfect changing station in a nursery!


7. Another beautiful changing area from an even tinier closet.


8. And then there's our personal favorite: a reading nook! We'd love to tuck ourselves away in this pretty nook on a rainy day and enjoy a good book and a cup of coffee.



For more inspiration for transforming spaces in your home, check out our Pinterest boards






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