Are you getting ready for a busy day of cooking tomorrow? Instead of running around like a turkey on Thanksgiving Day, take a little bit of time to prep your kitchen and dining area the day before. Here are our best tips on preparing your kitchen for Thanksgiving the day before. Some of this might seem a little bit tedious, but we promise you’ll be glad you took the time to prepare the little things in advance.


1. Finalize your menu and take stock of ingredients. Hopefully all your shopping is done by now, but do a quick sweep through the kitchen to make sure nothing got left off your list. It’ll save you that infamous last-minute trip to the store in the morning.

2. Plan for leftovers. If you haven’t thought about storage for all the yummy leftovers, you might want to think about running out and grabbing some disposable containers. This will make it easy to box up extra turkey and other delicious sides for guests to take home.

3. Clean out the fridge and freezer. You’re going to need room for the aforementioned leftovers, and there will undoubtedly be a few dishes or drinks that need to chill before serving. It won’t do to have last week’s casserole and that spoiled carton of milk taking up valuable real estate in the fridge!

4. Clear all countertops. Make sure there’s enough room for prep work and completed dishes.

5. Organize your tools. This might not seem like a huge timesaver, but setting out your mixing bowls and spoons in designated areas the night before can save you a little bit of time digging through cupboards in the morning.

6. Prep serving dishes and silverware. Make sure everything’s clean, polished, and ready to go.

7. Set the table. You’ll thank yourself for getting this out of the way. Set out decorations, dishes, and place cards if you’re using them, or if you prefer to go buffet style, make sure there’s a planned place for everything.




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