Spring is finally in full swing here in Charleston. Whether you do an annual spring cleaning or not, there are some tasks every homeowner should complete to prepare for warmer weather. Here are six home and lawn maintenance chores to take care of this April.

Schedule an appointment with your pest management company. The grass is growing and the flowers are blooming, which means the insects are out and about. Protect your home from termites, carpenter bees, mosquitos, and other pests by sealing any openings in wooden structures. Have your pest management company do their thing to help protect your home and yard from insects and other pests too.

Have your HVAC system serviced. Before you crank up the A/C, call your handy dandy HVAC technician. It’s a good idea to have them perform seasonal maintenance twice a year. If the company has a maintenance plan you can join, we highly recommend signing up. You’ll probably pay a little less, and you’ll never have to make a last-minute appointment for maintenance.

Inspect the garage and attic. Take stock of things like insulation and wiring. Repair or replace anything that’s amiss. Look for any signs of animal presence. Attics and garages are prime spots for animals to inhabit during colder weather. While you’re there, knock the dust off your spring and summer gear like sports equipment and beach chairs and get them ready to be used.

Service your outdoor maintenance tools. Time to break out the lawn mower and weed eater! Before you plan to give your lawn that much-needed manicure, take a few minutes to give your tools a once-over. Check to make sure any old gasoline was emptied last year. Change the oil and spark plugs and sharpen your mower’s blades. While you’re at it, sharpen and clean any other garden tools you’ll need.

Clear the gutters. Take a close look at your gutters to make sure they’re clear and free of damage. Even if you have gutter guards, they could probably use a seasonal inspection. Leaves and other debris can create major clogs and cause big problems if they’re not taken care of.

Clean bird feeders and baths. Mold and germs stuck in bird feeders can cause birds to get sick and can also attract rodents. Take them apart and wash them well before letting them air dry and refilling. Give the bird bath a good scrubbing too, and refill it with fresh water for all the birds coming back for the spring and summer.  


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