Everybody has a different personality type, and each of those personality types react to certain situations in unique ways. The Home Projects Council recently conducted a survey of 1,136 people and identified five distinct categories of home improvers and remodelers. What’s your type? Read below to find out!

The Sensible Improver

The Sensible Improver is most comfortable with smaller projects that he or she can DIY. “A nurturing homeowner who often puts others first,” says the Council, “the Sensible Improver embraces home improvement projects that create a warm and welcome environment.” They love to put their personal touches on projects having to do with decor and visual flair. They’re completely comfortable in knowing that bigger, more complicated projects should be passed on to a professional. The Sensible Improver is generally a seasoned homeowner who is able to combine past experience with fresh perspective to make informed decisions. Baby Boomers (ages 52-70) tend to make up the largest group of Sensible Improvers at 53%.

Project Comfort: Paint a room

Project Fear: Install a fence

The Project Planner

The Project Planner “takes a meticulous approach and will thoroughly assess every situation before committing to a home improvement project, regardless of how big or small.” Their favorite motto is: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Project Planners are typically organized, meticulous, and thoughtful. They love a good list of pros and cons, and they do a ton of research before even thinking about taking on a project or hiring a pro. The Project Planner’s priority is on functional improvements, not aesthetics. Even if they decide to hire a contractor to complete a project, they want to know all the details of the job so they can make sure it’s done right. This personality type has the second highest percentage of Boomers at 49%.

Project Comfort: Landscape property

Project Fear: Tile a shower

The Reliable Renovator

The Reliable Renovator is all about maintenance and keeping things laid back. This group has the highest percentage of “Matures,” ages 70 and above, and most often act when their aging home needs specific attention. “Armed with an understated confidence, the Reliable Renovator has no interest in adulation for their efforts, only the knowledge that his or her home is in good shape,” says the Council. This type of renovator wants to know that any home improvement job will contribute to the financial value of their home, and they don’t mind paying a contractor to help with that.

Project Comfort: Install countertop

Project Fear: Replace windows

The Visionary

Unsurprisingly, this personality type includes the highest percentage of the youngest group of homeowners, the Millennials, at 34%. Visionaries typically have “boundless passion and enthusiasm for upgrading their family’s home.” They tend to have a deep appreciation and curiosity for art and for novel ideas. Even if a Visionary has little DIY experience, he or she will take on a project with gusto, driven by the desire to keep things current and try new things. Visionaries get excited easily and tend to start projects quickly and with little guidance or help. They tend to invest twice as much as the average homeowner on home improvement projects. The Visionary’s neighbors usually suffer from curb-appeal envy!

Project Comfort: Install patio or walkway

Project Fear: Replace a wood or vinyl floor

The Extrovert

The Extrovert’s motto is: Go big or go home! Made up of the smallest percentage of those surveyed, this group is “a rare breed that artfully balances family life with a gregarious personality.” Extroverts take pleasure in completing large, complex home improvements that make a big impact to their home both in function and appearance. They prefer to do things on their own and thrive on planning, designing, and executing challenging and unique projects. The Extrovert is looking for a reaction to and appreciation of their work. This group has the highest percentage of Gen Xers (ages 38-51) at 40%.

Project Comfort: Add a bathroom

Project Fear: Replace a roof




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