For high schoolers and college students across the country, graduation day has come and gone, leaving many parents dreading empty nest syndrome. How can parents deal with the feeling of no longer being constantly needed? Easy. Instead of shuffling around the house, wondering what to do with all that newly vacated space, make it work for you! Let’s take a look at some creative ways to transform your empty nester bedroom into something useful.

Create a Beautiful Guest Bedroom

If you’ve always wanted a proper guest bedroom but haven’t really had the space, now is the perfect time to set one up. Turn your empty bedroom into a beautiful guest suite with a fresh coat of paint, some plush linens and pillows, a few pieces of wall art, and some fresh flowers. Bonus: If you’d like to supplement your income with a little extra spending money, you could even rent that room out on AirBnB, VRBO, or another similar short-term rental website.

Turn a Room into Your Dream Office

Maybe you’ve always wanted your very own home office space. Take that vacant bedroom and turn it into your dream office! Go ahead and buy that beautiful mahogany desk you’ve been eyeing but have never had room for. Set up your space however you want. Whether your work is creative in nature or more on the business side of things, there are no limits to your perfect home office.

Treat Yourself to an Arts and Crafts Room

If your creativity is too big to be stifled, this one’s for you! Instead of keeping your arts and craft supplies contained to a small area, transform your spare room into an art studio or craft room. Find yourself a nice, big craft table, or install custom desk space with shelving options. Being able to spread out and still keep things organized while crafting will feel so luxurious.

Set Up an Exercise Studio or Meditation Room

Who wouldn’t love to have their very own exercise room or yoga studio right in their home? Need to relax? Head down the hall to your meditation room! Just paint the walls and ceiling a soothing color, lay some wood laminate flooring, install a dimmer switch, and outfit the room with yoga mats, plush towels and blankets, an essential oil diffuser, and maybe even a mini fridge for bottled water and other soothing drinks.

Create a Library

Every bibliophile has surely dreamed of having an entire library in their home. If your book collection has taken over other areas of the house, turn your empty nester room into a library. Purchase some heavy duty bookshelves, install some free-floating shelves, or do your own custom built-ins. Add some warm and inviting furniture, adjustable lighting, and maybe even a desk, and you’ve got the perfect home library.

The Ultimate Closet

If you’ve had a hankering for a closet makeover, why not treat yourself and take over an entire room? Install some custom or prefab closet fixtures for plenty of organization options. Add some bright yet flattering lighting and a full length mirror, and voila! Your very own dressing room.

Make a Playroom for the Grands

Once the kids are all grown up and moved out, turn their old room into a playroom/guest room for their children! If you love having the grandkids over for a visit, giving them their own space to enjoy can make those visits easier and more organized for everyone.


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