Your closet deserves a little love, just like the rest of your house. While it’s probably not the first space that pops into your mind when you think of home design, your closet is the perfect place to show off your personal style. Since you’re likely the only one who sees it on a daily basis, you can go as bold, as soft and feminine, or as stark and minimalist as you want with this space. Set aside a weekend to overhaul your closet using these easy tips, and enjoy a little piece of happiness every time you put away your laundry or choose your outfit for the day.

Ditch the Doors

One of the best things you can do to help keep your closet nice and tidy is to get rid of the door. When you can close the mess off from the rest of the house, it’s easy to just toss things into the closet and seal it from any prying eyes. But that’s the habit we want to break. Taking closet doors off means you won’t be able to shield yourself from the mess anymore. It’ll help you stay motivated to clean and organize your closet and keep it that way for good.

Add Some Color

You might not think of the closets when you set out to paint your home’s interior, but don’t skip them! If you don’t have plans to paint the rest of your walls anytime soon and your closet needs a reboot, amp it up with a fresh coat of paint. Choose white to make a dark space feel brighter and make your colorful clothes and accessories the center of attention. If white feels too plain for you, choose whatever color makes you happy. If you love patterned walls, you might want to select one of the gorgeous modern wallpaper options out there. This is one spot in your home where you can be as bold as you want with colors and patterns without it overwhelming a shared space.

Test Some New Flooring

Since closets are typically small spaces, they make the perfect place to try out that new flooring you’ve been thinking about without spending much money. Install some hardwoods, try a bold tile, lay some removable vinyl squares, or just rip up the carpet and stain the concrete subflooring to test out an industrial look.

Hang Some Artwork

Your closet might not be seen by anyone else on a daily basis, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve a little adornment. Some of our favorite Pinterest-worthy closets feature pretty artwork that might not fit in anywhere else.

Upgrade Your Storage

Go fancy with a storage system from stores like Lowes, Ikea, and the Container Store, or DIY it with just a few simple hardware store solutions. Add a second hanging rod underneath the existing one to instantly double your closet’s capacity. Hang some new shelves or use a bookshelf to store accessories like shoes and bags. Hooks on the wall make the perfect spot to hang jewelry and hats. Whether you buy a ready-made closet system, go fully custom, or piece your storage together using random finds, you’ll be so much happier putting your clothes away in a nice, organized space that makes you smile.



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