Home design trends tend to stick around a little longer than trends in some other industries, and for good reason. It’s not exactly as easy to overhaul a kitchen as it is to update your collection of sweaters. But when home design trends do shift to something new and droolworthy, you can bet we’re excited to share them with our clients and incorporate them into our own homes. From kitchen hardware to textiles and everything in between, here are some of the home design trends that are on our radar for the coming new year. 

High Gloss Kitchen Cabinets

Shaker-style cabinets aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, obviously; but many designers and homeowners are beginning to turn an eye toward high-gloss, flat-panel cabinet doors for the kitchen. The seamless flat-panel look is more modern, and a high-gloss finish adds to the chic, streamlined look. This is an especially good idea for smaller kitchens. Glossy surfaces allow light to bounce around the space, making the whole kitchen feel brighter and more open. Glossy cabinets don’t have to be white, either. The extra shine allows you to install cabinets in a darker color without compromising on reflected light and the illusion of space.

Wooden Beams

Ceilings haven’t gotten as much attention over the years as they deserve. More often than not, home builders just spray a popcorn finish on their ceilings. These days, however, the “fifth wall” is getting a lot more attention from homeowners and designers. One way to add interest to your ceiling is to add wooden beams. You might feel like beams would make a room feel heavy or cramped, but they can actually do just the opposite. In an otherwise all-white or neutral room, contrasting wooden beams draw the eye upward and add height to the space.

Brass Hardware and Accents

Just a couple of years ago, homeowners everywhere were trading out builder-grade brass hardware and fixtures for finishes like nickel and bronze. Brass and gold were considered dated and boring for a while, but now they are taking over design blogs and Instagram photos. Contrast is interesting and fun, and using brass or gold hardware is the perfect way to add that pop of interest to a kitchen or bathroom. As 2020 approaches, be on the lookout for kitchens and baths that pop with darker colors (e.g. black cabinets) paired with brass or gold accents.

Warmer Colors

Designers and homeowners are starting to move away from neutral grays and greiges toward warmer and more bohemian colors. Shades of coral and ochre are becoming particularly popular to warm up a space and give it a relaxed yet chic boho vibe. We are so here for this cozy, comfy update!

Customized Storage

In a post-Marie Kondo society, everyone is hankering for well-thought-out storage solutions that meet their needs, not random storage boxes they have to fit their things into like a game of Tetris. This means planning out storage systems and creating cubbies for the items you own, such as silverware, cups, and plates. Creating custom shelving and space in your pantry or cabinets for things you typically keep on hand is a great idea as well. It makes organizing and decluttering a snap. 

Laundry Rooms That Make a Statement

More and more homeowners have been turning their attention to the laundry room as a space to have fun with design and decor. This previously ignored area of the home has traditionally been pretty bland and basic. After all, what purpose does it serve other than, well, washing, drying, and folding laundry? Bright, creative minds have nixed that thought, though, and decided that even the most boring—and perhaps least utilized—rooms in the house should inspire anyone who steps foot inside! Even if the rest of your home is filled with neutral minimalism, the laundry room is the perfect place to experiment with bold, cheerful colors, fun patterns, and quirky design ideas like chalkboard walls, themed wallpaper, and creative storage. 




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