Yesterday we started to answer the question, "What are these new building sites popping up around Summerville?" 

Today, we would like to talk a bit about a new building that is estimated to be completed in the Fall of 2014. Located at 315 Sigma Dr. (right down the road from the Nexton Office Building) will be the SCRA Office. SCRA of North Charleston was recently aquired by Boeing, and now SCRA's applied research and commercialization operations are being relocated to the Nexton community in Summerville, bringing more jobs to the Lowcountry. It will be a great addition to our community. 

Nexton Rendering 2Rendering of the SCRA office expected the Fall of 2014


Screen Shot 2021-06-07 at 2.13.38 PM copy.png

Leverage Seal 1.png191