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1. Bedtime Practice: Adjust bedtime 15 minuets a night over several nights to make getting up less of a battle. Give some time to "practice" being alert and active early.

2. Eat Breakfast: Give your children nutritious choices that will keep their minds and bodies sharp until lunch. Protein, complex carbohydrates. Steer clear of a donut on the run. 

3. Prace the Route: Whether your children are walking, taking the bus or driving, follow the routine wit them to give them confidence - and safety. 

4. Plan B: What to do 'if' - What to do if your child misses the bus. Where to go if your child is afraid on the way to school.

5. Yummy Lunch: Nutritious doesn't have to be boring. Try to finger foods like cheese, ham or turkey pieces. carrots, broccoli or snap peas are crunchy alternatives to chips.

6. Stand up to bullying: Teach your child that being bullied in any form is not alright. whether online or in person, tell your child to let you know of any threat.

7. Don't overbook: Limit the activities your child is committed to. One sport or talent may be enough to manage with schoolwork.

8. A+ Homework: Create a homework area with good lighting, sturdy furniture, pens and paper. Set a regular homework time and minimize distractions like phones, music, or TV.

9. Cool Down: Set a quiet time 15 or 20 minutes before bed for reading, quiet music or writing in a journal. Avoid TV or electronics. Keep the bedroom quiet.

10. You are the key: Let your child know you think this will be a great year in school. If your child is scared of going to a new school, teacher or grade - face the fear head on and help your child meet the challenge. 


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