Tired of having to clean dried cake batter and spaghetti sauce off your painted kitchen wall? The cause could be one of two things. Either your toddler is having way too much fun with his food, or you haven't installed a backsplash. There's not much we can do about that overly enthusiastic eater, but we can help you with the backsplash problem. Whether you don't have one at all or you're simply tired of staring at boring tiles or laminate while you cook, replacing a backsplash is one of the easiest and most practical DIY projects out there. Whether styled with masonry, embossed metal sheets, or mosaic tiles, making a backsplash is fun and easy and gives you a chance to add personality to any kitchen. 

Here’s how to get started on your own:


1. Plan your backsplash. Decide how much of the wall you’d like to cover. The quickest, simplest plan is to cover the wall directly behind the stovetop, since this is where most of the errant splashes will come from. Some people, however, prefer to cover the wall along the entire stretch of countertop. This is entirely up to you. Just make sure to measure the area you want to cover so you don't end up having to trek back to the store to buy more materials or return a bunch of unused tile.


2. Prepare the walls. Check to ensure that they can withstand the added weight if you choose to use heavy tile or stone. Make any needed repairs so you can be sure that nothing’s festering underneath that pretty new surface. Remove electrical outlet covers carefully, and clean the area you will be covering. 


3. Place the adhesive. Use the recommended adhesive for whichever material you’ve chosen. Ask an employee at your local home improvement store for certainty. Don't rush this step! Follow instructions carefully so that you won’t find yourself having to remove and reapply the adhesive. 


4. Lay the tile. Carefully place your tile or other material of choice on the wall in whatever pattern you wish to achieve. Use a laser level if you wish for your tile to be perfectly aligned. Or if you're not a stickler for clean lines, go for the laid-back asymmetrical look. 


5. Begin the necessary grouting procedure if tile was your material of choice. Then clean the tiles off, replace the outlet covers, and you're all finished!


That was easy! This is a project that has the potential to change the look and style of your kitchen completely, yet it can be completed in a day! Now you can rest assured that all will be well the next time your pots and pans start slinging sauce, or your blender sends globs of strawberry smoothie hurtling toward the kitchen wall. Cleanup is easy, and so is upkeep. Enjoy your new backsplash!



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